Mosaic Process
            how does he do that?

As a visiting artist, we'll manufacture our mosaic tiles, starting with some 1/4" slabs of clay and some handmade cookie cutters.

pushing cookie cutters into clay slab to make tiles   unfired pottery and tiles waiting to be loaded into the kiln   using tile shapes to create a focal point   placing the last tile into mosaic before painting with underglaze   applying three coats of underglaze to each tile in the mosaic   using a paint roller to glaze the colored tiles   loading sections of the glazed tiles onto the kiln shelf   The glazed tiles in the kiln after firing   putting the glazed tiles back in place after firing   applying contact paper to the mosaic tiles so they don't move out of position   attaching the frame around the backboard before mounting   mastic applied to the board before mounting tiles   Sliding the tiles covered in contact paper onto the framed board   peeling away the contact paper and repositioning and tiles that moved   ocean scene mosaic mounted but not groutedCleaning the extra grout to show the tile shapes   applying a sealer to the mosaic tiles and grout   the artist with his finished beach scene mosaic