Mosaics                                                                                                                                                    "out of many, one"

folk art pottery mosaic made with the help of students   pottery mosaic of a mill with tree and rainbow made by students     pottery mosaic of cruise ship, palm trees, sail boat and sunset  pottery mosaic of a table with candle and vase of flowers     pottery mosaic of a palm tree with a macaw          a pottery mosaic of a classical temple and volcano in the background   a pottery mosaic of the nativity    A Mosaic of a Hummingbird and Trumpet Flowers
  Mosaic of a rose window   mosaic of an angel fish, clown fish, jelly fish and lobster Mosaic of a dove holding an olive branch   mosaic of hot air balloons, sail boats and suspension bridgemosaic of a carousel horse   mosaic of flamingo and palm tree  
  mosaic of peacock sitting on castle wall   Mosaic of lilies of the field   giraffe mosaic    Pirate ship mosaic   mosaic of a grasshopper for Prospect Park School Philadelphia  Monarch butterfly mosaic in Cincinnati Ohio   a tile tree showing leaves of Faith, Service, Passion and Acceptance  Sgraffito tiles made by the seventh grade at Tamaqua Middle School
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