rolling on three coats of clear glaze.
Mosaic Process
How does he do that?
mosaic process

We manufacture our mosaic tiles, starting with 1/4 slabs of clay and some handmade cookie cutters.


carefully cutting our tiles
when dry, they're ready for the kiln
laying out the focal point with tiles that have been fired once
placing the last tile into the background
each tile gets three coats of color
carefully moving the tiles onto kiln shelves
opening the kiln after the second firing
reassembling the tiles from the kiln
carefully covering the repositioned tiles with contact paper
building the frame on the mounting board
smearing the adhesive on the board
carefully sliding the tiles onto the adhesive
peeling the paper off and repositioning any tiles that moved
both panels mounted but not grouted
one panel with the grout cleaned and one without
cleaning the excess grout to show the shapes of the tiles
sealing the tiles and grout
The finished piece, ready for delivery